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You probably know that feeling of freshness and enchantment after changing your wallpaper after a long, long time.
It almost makes your phone feel like new, right?
Well, sadly this feeling wears off way too fast and leaves you with the same feeling of dullness and boredom until you change it again, which is an act that is way too impractical in itself.
Fortunately, Freshbacks is here to change to help you out with that!
What is Freshbacks?
Freshbacks is an awesome way to keep your phone fresh and beautiful, every single day!
How? Easy:
• Freshbacks will download 10 new fresh and fabulous wallpapers each and every night from world famous wallpaper site in Full HD resolution. It will then loop randomly through your daily wallpapers every time you turn your screen on!

• Love a Freshback? Keep it as long as you like by simply double-tapping it!

• Dislike one? Just long-press it an tap the renew button to replace it with a fresh one!

• Really, really dislike one? Tap the block button and it will never be shown to you again.
It's that simple, really.
Try it out now and see for yourself that Freshbacks is an app that you won't ever want to miss again!
Important note: Freshbacks runs as a Live Wallpaper, but does NOT drain your battery in any noticeable manner while in use!
*** Android Exclusive: Freshbacks is only available on Android! ***
* = Freshbacks has a free license that limits extended functionality for Freshbacks Lite and Freshbacks Pro users. Here are the new rules:

• Freshbacks Free: Free users can renew up to two wallpapers and download one set a day

• Freshbacks Lite: Lite users can renew up to five wallpapers and download two sets a day. Lite users can also activate wallpapers manually for three hours or more (Free users can only choose between "Until the screen goes off" and "1 Hour"). You can become a Lite user FREE OF CHARGE within the app!

• Freshbacks Pro: Pro users can renew as many wallpapers and download as many sets as they please. They also get extended functionality like blurring wallpapers. Pro users are also totally awesome!

Note: Users who already paid for the app will automatically become Freshbacks Pro users.


For more information, support, updates and more:
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What's New

New / changes in v1.2.5:

• Fixes and improvements.

New / changes in v1.2.3:

• NEW: Parallax effect option! Your wallpaper adapts to the movement of the phone! Requires Freshbacks Pro.

• NEW: Auto-scrolling option! Wallpapers will move automatically in the background, creating a nice parallax effect. Requires Freshbacks Lite.

• FIX: New rendering engine, Freshbacks should be blazingly fast now!

• More efficient battery consumption

Thanks for requesting features / reporting bugs!


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