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Number 1 in the number of tie knots - now has 27 knots!
10'000'000 know and use it!

• CLEAR and EASY – just follow simple instructions and pictures, and you'll be able to tie a pretty tie knot on your own!
• HELPFUL and HANDY – now you won't need any help of your wife or any other person to tie a pretty tie knot.

Other great features:
• great choice of popular tie knots
• more than 27 knots and folds help you look respectable on any special occasions of your life
• ads-free and intuitive user interface - nothing disturbs you from tying a pretty tie-knot from the first time

Many people would agree that making a tie is a big problem because we use them quite rarely. The new app How to Tie a Tie is a real life-saver for you if you don’t know how to knot ties. If you don’t have much practice in making tie knots, start with making the simplest tie knots like Four-in-Hand or Simple Double. After that, you’ll get the idea of how to make other more difficult tie knots.


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• +8 pocket squares

• categories!

• autostep settings

• bug fix


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